We spread dynamic messages through our unique hand-painted outdoor advertising mural campaigns.


Overall Murals, Inc. represents a new generation of sign painters and muralists that both reflects and shapes contemporary visual culture. From graphic design and street art to the age-old, intimate craft of hand painting, Overall Murals synthesizes the inspiration, techniques, and practical know-how to make art with impact on a grand scale.

Artist Dmitry Pankov and media professional Angel Saemai launched Overall Murals in 2010, to showcase their combined strengths and experience in fine art and advertising. Their in-house team of talented, international, multidisciplinary artists constantly seek new ways to experiment, grow, and realize client ideas; employing a unique blend of both traditional analog and modern digital techniques. Overall’s objective is to leverage their artistic training to produce superior-quality commercial design work that also embodies their core aesthetic values.

Overall Murals, Inc. is a registered and fully-insured NYC Outdoor Advertising Company.


From corporate brands, to local companies, to nonprofit institutions, clients rely on Overall Murals for responsiveness, punctuality, flexibility, efficiency, and commitment to excellence. Hand-painted outdoor advertising requires a unique understanding of several seemingly unrelated subjects: art, construction, law, marketing, real estate, rigging, and even amateur meteorology. Overall Murals has expertise in each of these critical fields, which facilitates efficient coordination and execution of out-of-home campaigns.


Overall Murals has built a permanent inventory of both wallscapes and streetscapes in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., with a heavy presence in the world’s #1 advertising market, New York City.  We also offer custom scouting services for select projects.


Overall Murals can execute any artwork, from single-color lettering to complex photorealistic portraiture. Quality and color are ensured by utilizing the highest-grade, classic, oil-based sign paints, all matched and hand-mixed “by eye” to the artwork by our skilled artisans. Meanwhile, the production team also manages every logistic detail, including securing all necessary equipment, permits, and specialty licenses.


Overall Murals understands the theater of street art: creation of the work is an event, itself. Without fail, whenever a new mural is launched, tourists and local observers stop to ask questions, interact with the painters, and help spread word of the campaign through social media outlets such as FacebookInstagram and Twitter before it is even finished. Overall Murals embraces its role as a temporary brand ambassador and tracks and celebrates these mutual social media successes. Together, the production processes, finished mural, showcased product, and campaign message combine to create a spectacular combined impact.


Overall Murals is deeply committed to preserving and enhancing the native aesthetic of the communities in which they work. Since 2011 Overall has developed relationships with local and international artists to transform city walls into curated art pieces, through their company-initiated public art program, Artists Work.