Murals can transform an otherwise unremarkable façade into a powerful and captivating work of art.

Overall Murals maintains a portfolio of both permanent and per-usage real estate locations throughout New York City and other major U.S. markets.

We’re continually curating and expanding our inventory of both streetscapes and wallscapes in order to immediately meet the needs of any client’s campaign goals, budget, and target market. Wallscapes are soaring, iconic, elevated displays that integrate into the cultural scenery and are visible from long distances. Streetscapes are pedestrian-level displays that allow passersby to have a closer relationship with both the production process and the final painting.

To ensure the most effective outcomes for clients, Overall Murals also offers custom scouting of new mural spaces and advertising-approved locations. Similar to location scouting for the film and television industries, new mural locations are acquired through our network of local experts who utilize their market insights and relationships with local expediters and city officials to secure legal spaces in the shortest time possible.

Through our network of skilled artisans and cultural contacts, working in partnership with our in-house painters, we are able to deploy our talent to produce projects in any part of the world.

Contact us for individual one-sheets on each of our available outdoor media locations, or to discuss custom scouting for your project.