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  • tbs, search party, hand done, mural, williamsburg, overall murals, wall dogs
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TBS Search Party
Season 2

TBS Search Party returned on November 19th with more twists, more turns and more mystery. The dark – satiric series created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter is a refreshing look at the lives of millennials in Brooklyn. The hipster-heavy show follows the story of four friends as they attempt to escape the mess they made last season. 11 Alfred Hitchcock inspired murals were painted on this nearly 100′ wide wall along Williamsburg’s waterfront.

Having less than a week to complete the intricate project, Overall’s in-house team of artists worked diligently to perfect the mural. The painting process stopped countless pedestrians, joggers and cyclists in their tracks, as they admired the work.

  • tbs, search party, painted ads, nyc, overall murals
  • tbs, search party, hand done, signs, brooklyn, wall dogs, overall murals, painted ads
  • tbs, search party, painted signs, nyc, brooklyn, overall murals, wall dogs