50th Anniversary

Vans toasts to the big 5-0 with another massive mural in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Throughout the past half-century the iconic brand has made a name for itself in the skate, surf, music, art and fashion worlds. “Off the Wall” is a state of mind familiar to many, as a way of thinking differently, embracing self-expression and expanding limits. Overall Murals and Vans collaborated again this year to bring the Sk8-Hi campaign to life with those who emulate the brand’s “Off the Wall” attitude the most.

Steve Caballero skates on larger-than-life board in the painting on the corner of the wallscape. Throughout his 30-plus years as a professional skateboarder he has become well known as a true original. Accompanied by his canine companion, Dane Reynolds sits on a couch beside the swagged-out dog. His laid back attitude and progressive skill in his sport earned him a spot on the wall amongst other Vans aficionados.  Another well known Vans rep is Natalie Westling, a famous model who first picked up a skateboard at the age of three and hasn’t put it down since, she even proclaimed her love for the sport with a tattoo “skate” that can be seen on her arm in the ad. This past spring OM had painted Natalie in the Sk8-Hi campaign. The mix of her tomboy attitude and firey red hair defy model stereotypes. Jay Howell, well-known artist and animator is best known for the FOX cartoon, Bob’s Burgers as well as Nickelodeon’s, Sanjay.  He can be found painted hanging out with his four-legged best friend, with animated creatures surrounding them. Jay is one of Vans very own featured artists. The whole wall is brought together with the larger-than-life shoe that towers above all. The entirety of he wall was impossible to be overlooked by Brooklyn residents and visitors.