• zico, painted billboards, hand done signs, painted ads, nyc, overall murals
  • zico, nyc, wall dogs, overall murals, painted ads
  • zico, nyc, overall murals, painted signs, wall dogs

What’s Inside is Everything is the mantra that everything we need is already within us. This summer, Zico decided that advertising outside was the best way to get the word out about their new products. The creative centered around the company’s shift to all 100% not-from-concentrate beverages. This wasn’t the first time the Overall team worked with Zico to create a meaningful mural. In 2014, the crew painted long-time spokeswoman for the brand, Jessica Alba for the Crack Life Open campaign.

The black and white portrait of Alba centered within the brightly colored text dominated Kent Ave. Located on one of the most visible and largest walls in the neighborhood, the coconut water could be seen from blocks away. Additionally, since the mural is situated next to a popular bike path, jam-packed with pedestrians, joggers and stroller moms & dads, Zico became the backdrop for many New Yorkers’ summer.

  • zico, hand painted ads, nyc, overall murals, wall dogs