Through an inventory of high impact wallscapes and intimate streetscapes all over New York City and beyond, our experienced account team offers the best possible solutions to reach marketing goals within any budget. We deliver effective results with innovative and risk adverse media strategies to launch and grow rewarding programs.

  • Provide clients with fresh and unique media concepts
  • Advise clients through carefully tailored media plans and a comprehensive selection of permanent wall locations
  • Scout new real estate opportunities in any market
  • Provide proof of performance and campaign results information
  • Service and support landlords with management of outdoor media space

& Painting

We specialize in hand painting and can execute any artwork, from one color lettering to complex pictorial images. Our skilled painters and murals uphold the standards for excellence.

  • Ensure quality and color matching
  • Utilize classic, high grade, and oil-based sign paints in an array of vibrant colors
  • Customize, sample and accommodate a wide range of unusual creative executions for maximum impact
  • Handle all logistical aspects, including insurance, permits, licenses and necessary equipment
  • Offer anti-graffiti coating, on-going surveillance of murals and graffiti clean up
  • Operate under tight deadlines with fast turnaround times

Artwork Development

Innovation is the key to dynamic campaigns. Our creative experts successfully marry the traditional technique of hand painted murals with cutting edge art to create memorable experiences.

  • Campaign creation – research and strategy
  • Creative direction through an in-house design team or a network of established artists
  • Graphic design, illustration, photography and copywriting
  • Customize and prepare production ready artwork
  • Assess and consult on outdoor creative issues like legibility and clarity