11 Howard Hotel Groundswell



11 Howard Hotel

In the dead of winter the Overall Murals crew ventured across the river to execute a huge eye-catching mural for the 11 Howard Hotel in Soho, Manhattan. In collaboration with artist, Jeff Koons and community arts organization, Groundswell, Overall hand painted the side of the swanky new destination. The artwork brings awareness to Groundswell’s belief that the collaboration between personal expression and activism within a community produces unique and powerful outcomes.

The bold blue, white and black mural is focused around the unique and thriving culture of Soho. The music, food and fashion as well as the industries that formerly existed within the neighborhood are all present within the artwork. The main art work’s lead designer, Misha Tyutyunik, said in a press statement “It evokes the commercial refinement of present-day SoHo, but also alludes to its spirit of surprise and discovery, encouraging pedestrians to stroll and wander through the winding side streets to window shop, to find new wonders or uncover relics of bygone days.”