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Adult Swim

Mr. Pickles

In September 2014, Adult Swim, the late night cable network, introduced America to man’s best friend – from hell. The animated show Mr. Pickles revolves around the Goodman family and their son Tommy’s demonic furry companion. The show takes place in the reclusive Old Town. It’s relatively a no-frills, tight-knit community, all until Mr. Pickles makes his rounds, engaging in rather unsavory activities.

The highly anticipated second season debuted earlier this year, and to help build excitement, the Overall Murals team set out to Boston to create an eye-opening teaser piece. The black and white mural shows a bust of the nefarious Mr. Pickles, comprised of fiendish characters. The wall itself is adjacent from the highly popular concert venue, Brighton Music Hall. During production, lines stretched around the corner as concert goers clamored, awaiting the next event. Naturally, the installation invited stares and questions as on lookers attempted to interpret its cryptic message.