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Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack returned to Adult Swim after a 13 year absence for it’s highly anticipated fifth and final season. The critically acclaimed show has created a cult-like following of millions of fans eager to finally see how the series wraps up.

To create awareness and anticipation for Jack’s long awaited return, Overall Murals took to the streets and painted a series of engaging wall murals in several high-traffic neighborhoods. Walls were selected in Los Angeles, Boston and Austin with high levels of Adult Swim’s demographic audience.

Over an 8-week period; from the snowstorms of Boston to the warm sunny skies of Venice Beach to the energized crowds of SXSW, our painters created a tease and reveal campaign, along with a sustaining tune-in snipe change to keep the campaign fresh weeks after the premiere date. Thousands of excited viewers took photographs in front of the murals, increasing the hype via social media channels.