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Pike Place, Seattle, Washington

We are super proud to have worked on a project that provides us all with a trip back to what was a great day for music. On this day, 30,000 music fans gathered at the iconic Pike Place Market in Seattle to watch the legendary band, The Head and The Heart, perform a live concert (remember those?). 

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WIP  Overall Murals Media Kit_edited.png
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January - February 2021

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The Head and The Heart is an American indie-folk band formed in 2009 by two Seattle natives, Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russells. The two once busked in the city’s Pike Place Market, historically known for its fish-throwing vendors. That same year the band was signed by Warner Bros. Records and has gone on to release four albums that they performed on that summer day in Seattle.

Thanks to Amazon Music, now YOU can experience the concert with the exclusive film release called, Rivers and Roads: The Head And The Heart – Live from Pike Place Market. And we’ve had the privilege of announcing it right where it all happened on 800-square-foot wall space for 435,712 monthly passersby to see. 

Artists, Dan Cohen, and Eddie Lopez were hired for this project, both spending over ten hours a day on their feet painting through the misty Seattle fog. Dan, a classically trained painter, sculptor, and veteran walldog – painting some of the biggest walls for about twenty years, has been working with Overall Murals for nearly three years now. He painted projects for our clients like Sony Playstation’s  Marvel Avengers in Chicago and Ford’s Built for America in Los Angeles. 

Eddie Lopez, a real OG of the industry, has been hanging off the side of buildings and painting murals and signs for over 40 years. Regarded as one of the best photorealistic mural painters in the country, Eddie’s attention to detail sets him apart from your typical walldog. Needless to say, the blends and detailed lettering were something Eddie and Dan were able to effortlessly translate onto this huge Pike Place wall.  

We hope the results of their work take every passerby back in time to a moment full of thrill, excitement, and euphoria as we eagerly anticipate the better days ahead. 

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