AMC – Killing Eve



Killing Eve

The ultimate game of cat and mouse is playing out on the new crime series Killing Eve. This groundbreaking thriller focuses on the mutual obsession between Jodie Comer’s playful psychopathic killer Villanelle and Sandra Oh’s MI5 security officer Eve Polastri, as they square off for the battle of a lifetime. After the breakout first season, when viewership nearly doubled between the premiere and the nail-biting finale, the acclaimed AMC network is bringing season two to its largest audience ever.

These two leading women were brought to one of our Venice, California walls via a street level mural, featuring Eve and Villanelle in an embrace. Our painters perfectly captured the tensions between the characters in lively portraits atop a dark striking blue backdrop, surrounded by bright pink lettering and gory drips of blood — a display sure to capture Venice’s audiences as much as the show has.

Sandra Oh’s tremendous acting landed her the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama, and the rendering of her expressive face does justice to her performance. The eccentric choices throughout the show keep this series fun and fresh. The tagline “Sorry Baby” scandalizes regular show viewers and entices everyone else to find out why this message is so inflammatory. Killing Eve is mesmerizing its audiences, and this mural promises to do just the same to all who dare to lay eyes upon it.