Annapurna Sorry To Bother You



Sorry To Bother You

We were elated to paint two of our Brooklyn units with bold murals for the refreshingly original film, Sorry to Bother You, from Boots Riley and Annapurna Pictures. The hero of the movie, Cassius Green, played by Lakeith Stanfield is a telemarketer in an alternate-reality version of Oakland, trying to navigate his place in the macabre world of capitalism run rampant.

Annapurna, the scrappy indie house turned big production powerhouse, chose to place the first hand painted Sorry to Bother You mural among the artistic community of Bushwick. This painting invites the bohemian neighborhood to become part of the art piece; a wingspan unfurls to reveal a collage of the cast with a space in the center waiting to be filled by passersby.

The second set of murals we painted is along the Williamsburg Waterfront right next to the new Domino Park and features repeating profiles of each major character. The viewer can glean a bit about each cast member, from Tessa Thompson’s  ironic “Murder, Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill, Kill” earrings to the bloody bandaged head of Lakeith Stanfiled. Curiosities are piqued without any plot points given away in this clever eye-catching advertising design.