Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices

Pint Slices

Pint Slices

Ben & Jerry's

What’s better than Ben & Jerry’s pints consumed out of the carton? Ben & Jerry’s pints that can be consumed whenever, wherever. Introducing  Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices. The iconic ice cream brand branched out from the usual couch-consumer friendly clientele and can now be found in portable form. The slices are available in four, fan favorite flavors, including American Dream and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

The Overall Murals team branched out from our usual medium of oil paint on a flat surface to creating a massive, unique, hand made lenticular mural wall. It was to be the first of its kind in outdoor advertising. With only a short time to plan, the crew got to work. Starting off the process by working hand in hand with the client’s creative agency, Mekanism, the OM team built a to-scale model. It was quickly noted that this was going to take a lot more planning than anticipated. Everything had to be evaluated and meticulously crafted, from the thickness of each panel, down to the best dimensions for readability. Each piece of the wall was designed to align perfectly.

The wall was built and painted in the OM paint shop. Requiring several deliveries, it was later installed on location along the Williamsburg, Brooklyn waterfront. The team pieced together each separate piece to create the unique 3-d, double message effect. Viewing the wall from the left read “Anyway you slice it”, while from the other side, it proclaimed, “It’s Ben & Jerry’s”.  Sandwiched by three other hand painted murals, the whole painting came together as a beautiful composition of green rolling hills, cows and giant ice cream sandwiches — not a bad way to start the summer. Once the final piece of wood was drilled in and after some blood and sweat, the OM painters overheard statements of those passing by,  “Did you see that?” or the more common, “That’s so cool”, making it worth all the effort.