Bowery FAUST




Infamous graffiti writer FAUST has made his mark by being innovative and influential in the NYC graffiti scene. He is best known for incorporating classic calligraphy styles into more modern traditional graffiti.  Recently FAUST was commissioned to add this signature style to the exterior of a building on the Bowery.

Graffiti is often seen as urban blight as tags are can be found all over windows, doors, and street furniture with their names. Here, a respected graffiti artist has brought value and art to a new NYC development while also eliminating the possibility of future tags and bringing art to the area.

High up on the south-facing wall of 135 Bowery, Overall’s sign painters blew up his hand drawn art piece spelling out BOWERY onto the facade, welcoming neighbors and tourists to the neighborhood. The slick black rhythm of the piece draws in attention and breaks up the landscape of red brick boxes lining the street.

Featured image / thumbnail photograph of FAUST by legendary photographer, Janette Beckman, who lives in the Bowery and has shot some of the most iconic punk rock and hip-hop photos ever. This photo was also apart of the GAP “Share Your Gift campaign”.