Budweiser America




Nothing says America like an ice cold beer. This summer, Budweiser’s launch of the 2016 campaign America Is in Your Hands, took this idea one step further, by replacing the name of the popular beer with the word America. In conjunction with the Summer 2016 Olympics and the heated preliminary election taking place, Ricardo Marques, a vice president from Budweiser named this “the most American Summer ever.”

Brazilian artist Rafael Grampá and Budweiser teamed up to reinterpret American Patriotism, through a series of murals across the USA. Grampá, who is best known for his comic books, is also an in-demand illustrator for ad campaigns. Overall Murals was there to put the “America” dream into fruition. The focal point of the hand-painted mural is a metallic replica of the new iconic can atop a background watercolor wisps and clouds paired with Americana imagery. It stands surrounded by nationalistic symbols in red, white and blue; representing patriotism, freedom, power and hope.