Bulleit Bourbon




Bulleit Bourbon has been around since 1987. Since its inception, Bulleit has secured a position as one of America’s beloved craft whiskeys with a reputation of being one of the most distinctively smooth, full-bodied whiskeys around. Inspired by his great-grandfather, Thomas Bulleit concocted the high-rye bourbon in 1987. Twenty-nine years later, the Bulleit Family still carries on the brand’s tradition by operating a distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

To match their clean-tasting bourbon, Bulleit debuted an outdoor advertising campaign with clean and simple lettering. The brick orange signs were carefully hand painted by the Overall Murals team to resemble the brand’s iconic packaging. Posted in quaint neighborhoods of Brooklyn and San Francisco; it wasn’t hard to capture the attention of bourbon loving passersby. The hand painted murals transcended the streets and took to social media with an outpour of support from these enthusiastic Bulleit connoisseurs posted on Instagram and Twitter.