Bulleit #FrontierWorks




Bulleit is distilled from an age old family recipe, brought back to life by Thomas E. Bulleit, Jr. in 1987. The founder’s great-great-great grandfather, Augustus Bulleit, had dedicated his life to making the perfect high-rye bourbon that is spicy and flavorful but smooth. Augustus achieved his life goal in 1830 and ran the company for thirty more years before he strangely vanished while transporting barrels of the liquor out of its home state of Kentucky. Today, the bourbon is manufactured by Diageo and is distilled from a large 300-acre facility near Shelbyville.

The Bulleit bourbon obsession in San Francisco goes back quite aways as well and it continues to be in full force, showing no signs of slowing down. As such, advertising presence in Cow Hollow was the perfect place to debut their new, more playful look. Stepping away from typical whiskey imagery we’re all used to seeing, the spirit used neon signs. This type of sign fabrication was used to announce the release of a limited edition collection featuring neon signs in Bulleit bottles, called Neon in a Bottle. Not only was the artwork hand painted by OM but also created with actual neon.

The bright colored artwork showcases classic “LA-inspired” bar signs, which seem to glow from afar. Full of puns, the images range from a dancing pickle to a mermaid taking a dip on the rocks. Located across the street from the popular watering hole, Mauna Loa Club and on the side of the neighborhood’s liquor store, the luminous painting will surely inspire folks to go for a drink in the neighborhood.