Clash of Clans McBess



Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans by Supercell has taken the video gaming world by storm. As a cult favorite, gamers were excited to see the hidden messages throughout this mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The idea was to give players an inside look into the minds of the characters, creating an even stronger bond to the popular game.

Designed by world renowned French artist, Mcbess, his signature style made a huge impact on devoted Clash fans. The Overall Murals team meticulously stippled black dots throughout the painting, spanning nearly 100 feet wide. The intricate detail of the design amazed onlookers as they watched in astonishment at the dedication in executing this mural.

In addition to these two overpowering walls in Williamsburg, the team collaborated with NYCHOS in Bushwick, Brooklyn. NYCHOS is a well known graffiti artist and contributor/founder of the Rabbit Eye Movement who put up his signature style of dissected creatures and objects for Clash of Clans. Check out the video of his work in action here.