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Moonbeam City

Comedy Central has added a new animated show to its ever-expanding repertoire. The highly anticipated Moonbeam City premiered in the fall, snagging a coveted spot after comedy giant, South Park. Throughout its short run, Moonbeam City has shown that it can be as clever as it is funny. Eighties TV pioneer Rob Lowe lends his pipes to his air-headed animated doppelganger, Dazzle Novak, who serves as a cop in the retro Moonbeam City. Like any metropolis, Moonbeam City is teeming with gun-wielding and drug-toting villains. Alongside his colleagues, Chrysalis Tate (voiced by Kate Mara), Pizazz Miller (Elizabeth Banks) and Rad Cunningham (Will Forte), Dazzle attempts to extricate the neon hellhole from baddies, in his… own special way.

Overall Murals headed out to Venice, California, and various locations in New York City to help build the excitement. “Moonbeam City’s Finest” are pictured against a dark backdrop aglow with neon pink striations. In addition to the wall murals, storefront gates located in Manhattan were expertly painted in fluorescent hues. After sundown, the gates, set against a black light, illuminated the neighborhood and attracted excited fans.