Converse Lunarlon




Everyone’s favorite shoe just got a makeover — the first one in nearly a century. This past summer, Converse unveiled a new, revamped edition of their classic All-Star Chucks, the Lunarlon. These new Chucks are equipped with sleek Nike insoles for a more comfortable wear and target a newer audience with their trendy minimalist design. Overall Murals took to the streets of Boston and the boardwalk of Venice Beach to assist in the grand reveal.

Consisting of one black high top against a similarly dark background, the piece pops with the signature yellow neon lettering. The dark on dark imagery calls more attention to the intricate detailing that makes up the various textures of the iconic, Converse sneaker. The threads of the laces stand out with precise gradated striations. The Lunarlon is available in various primary colors, but any passerby of these murals may be more compelled to cop the originals.