Converse Made by You



Made by You

Converse has been around since 1908 — an impressive 98 years of business under their belt. So naturally, they’ve swept the competition when it comes to consumer nostalgia. In commemoration of their signature Chuck Taylor All-Star line, the footwear giant launched their Made By You campaign in 2015. This global push features Converse’s extensive customer base, showcasing its star-studded devotees, and highlighting customer creativity as its focal point. Accentuating the worn Chucks of famed punk songstress Patti Smith, to the bright pink kicks of spunky LA graphic artist, Buff Monster; Converse pulls out all the stops. “This is just a general celebration of people who love to wear their Chuck Taylors,” states Ian Stewart, Converse’s global marketing VP. The goal of this movement is to promote individuality and expression on a universal scale. Social media is also a driving force for this campaign as fans are encouraged to share their own customized Chucks. Whether they be distressed, frayed, painted, whatever.

Overall Murals was approached to create several realistic renderings of personalized Chucks by well-known artists, in New York and Boston. Executed with precise brushstrokes and emphasizing every detectable color and texture, we can guarantee that these pieces were made by us.