Converse x Mago


Converse x Mago

Converse pulled out all the stops for the Made by You campaign, their biggest push yet. For part of its international and European initiative, the brand giant recruited young Russian-native and German based illustrator, Mago Dovjenko, to bring his urban/cultural graphic artwork to New York City for the first time. Documenting his adventure and inaugural experience painting a mural, skillful video makers of the German production company, BWGTBLD braved New York City’s chilly winter with Converse and Mago.

The Overall Murals crew and German group took to the streets of Brooklyn, working through heavy snow and freezing weather to bring Mago’s digital creation into the physical world via a textured brick surface near the Williamsburg Waterfront. Working in the brisk conditions proved hard at times, but made for good video content. The hand painted process and additional glamorous footage of Mago’s trip were cut into a final video and featured on popular high-end lifestyle and street apparel site, High Snobiety.

Watch below.