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Creed III

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Venice, Los Angeles, CA

The Creed saga continues with an epic Creed III hand painted mural promoting the film, set to release Friday, March 3rd, 2023. It has been almost a decade since the first Creed movie was released, and fans worldwide eagerly await its return. 

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What we do



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Los Angeles

Creed III

Mural Production

Content Creation

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Feb-March 2023

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Promising to be just as captivating as its predecessors, with a new storyline, new characters, and your returning fan favorites, the legacy of the Creed saga will be showstopping…kind of like our mural. 

We hand painted the mural in the heart of Venice Beach, a suitable location as scenes in the film were shot in Venice and Muscle Beach. Speaking of muscle, our team set up five rigs on a block-and-tackle system, which takes a lot of muscle power from our painters to get the job prepped for painting.


The result is a wrap-around mural spinning heads in anticipation of the film's release. The mural features a large photorealistic, Michael B. Jordan, who both acts and directs the film.

Our talented painters captured the character's striking pose, accurately translating his courage and determination as a professional boxer through hand paint that will have passersby saying,


"That's Hand Painted?"

It is indeed!

It's a stunning sight (and we're not just talking about Michael B. Jordan), with tourists and locals marveling at its vividness, scale, and beauty.  These exciting fans anticipate the release of Creed III.

Will you be standing in line to see the film?

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