Cremieux 65 Mercer

65 Mercer

65 Mercer


65 Mercer became the new home to Cremieux, an iconic menswear brand; best known for their classic, yet contemporary and preppy style. In the late 60’s Daniel Cremieux flew to New York City from Paris and discovered his love of preppy, American, menswear. After opening his first store in Saint-Tropez, Cremieux’s sophisticated image captured the attention of actors, singers and artists from around the world. Fast forward to 2016, the brand is now in the direction of Daniel’s son, Stephane, and is still well-known for it’s superior quality and attention to detail.

To alert the masses of the new store opening, in trendy historic SoHo in Manhattan, Overall Murals was hired to paint two unmissable signs on either sides of the building. Once the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the design and placement of the signage, Overall Murals team got to installing the tricky rigging system. Hovering above Mercer St. and on Broadway, the bold, white sans-serif type pops on a navy blue backdrops, accentuating Cremieux’s elegant brand color scheme.