Dropbox – Flow




San Francisco has long been at the cultural crossroads for jazz. This is the city that hosted the birth of Thelonious Monk’s 1959 album Alone in San Francisco and Duke Ellington’s Concert of Sacred Music at Grace Cathedral in 1965. More recently San Francisco has become the technological frontier drawing people from all over the world to its hills to build the future. Now Dropbox, the premier file hosting service is paying homage to its hometown history with two murals honoring the flow. In their words “In the state of flow, the rhythm pulls you forward. Nothing matters but the next note, the next move. And the work just sings.”

One of the leading aspects of Dropbox’s innovative philosophy is synchronization. Dropbox has pushed passed simple file exchanges to create a portfolio of offerings for businesses so teams can work collaboratively and exchange ideas freely. Overall Murals uses Dropbox products to create flow between departments and ensure excellence in each wallscape from concept to completion.

Our painters carefully composed a geometric representation of harmony above the celebrated Mel’s Drive-In Diner in Marina District. The design called for the precision of a clock and our muralists executed this design flawlessly. The second ground level mural in the fashionable Cow Hollow further combined graphic elements with soft gradients, bringing the illusion of motion on the static wall. Whether it’s the flow of ideas or the flow of music, these murals perfectly encapsulate the satisfaction of the mind meld that occurs in jazz and the flow that can be achieved with Dropbox.