Espolon Altar Tomorrow


Altar Tomorrow

Espolon is a self-described tribute to Mexican culture, and the tequila’s Altar Tomorrow campaign highlights a significant annual celebration. The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican holiday where families honor their ancestors by setting up altars with their loved one’s photos and favorite earthly delights. The altars celebrants set up for the holiday are typically adorned with the traditional marigold flower and sugar skulls.

We painted two murals in Los Angeles that expanded on the traditional skeletal iconography and brought this special occasion to the people. One of our walls for this campaign is located on the historic Fonda Theater in Hollywood, featuring the artwork of José Guadalupe Posada. Espolon has made the 19th century artist and printmaker’s work the star of their labels and now the star of their advertising campaigns as well. Next, we brought the spirit of the Day of the Dead to the Venice Boardwalk, encouraging viewers to celebrate every day of their lives and remember they have the power to #altartomorrow.