Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang



No car speaks to the American spirit like the Ford Mustang, from its inception in the 1960’s, the Mustang is all about style. With this in mind, Overall Murals kicked into high gear to scout artists with the skills to rev-up Ford’s iconic “pony” and show the impact of this modern classic from sea to shining sea. In 2018, Ford made key updates to the Mustang and made it completely customizable; the color, the dashboard, even the growl of the engine can be totally personalized. The artists from our Overall Murals team kept this idea of complete customization in mind when tasked with creating two of the billboard designs; these murals truly reflect the culture of each community where a mural was featured.

In Atlanta, artist Mister Totem designed a mural that features local flavor including the famous Vortex skull and familiar street views from the Little 5 Points neighborhood where our walldogs painted this pony into its home. Back on the west coast, one of our own painters, designed a horse that brought together two great American institutions: the Mustang and the World Famous Mel’s Drive-In. Inspired by the neon facade of the renowned 50’s diner, the bright artwork caught the eyes of everyone making their way over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Further down the coast, Ford’s in-house creative team took over Venice by bringing some horsepower to two more vibrant street level pieces made for the Beach Cities Mustang Club and the Orange County Mustang Club. Last but not least, find the personalized pony of  Heather S. of Culver City, right alongside the Venice Boardwalk, where the Mustang rides into the sunset.