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It’s difficult to think of a television drama that brings together varying aspects of Black American culture as well as Fox’s Empire; it becomes infinitely harder to think of a program that features fine art created by Black Americans as a driving force for a character arch. Episodes from the hit show regularly include work by renowned artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kehinde Wiley, and Jamea Richmond Evans to create depth in the plot. Last fall we painted a mural that continues the motif of featuring artists of color to represent the Empire aesthetic.

The mural features artwork designed by the acclaimed African-American artist Derrick Adams, known worldwide for his work exploring the black experience but based right here in NYC. Our walldogs painted the stars of this show onto our wallscape in Harlem. This mural exemplifies the style typical to the artist which draws on patterns and geometric forms. The final product is a celebration of New York and black culture and we’re proud to have painted it.