FX Atlanta Season Two

FX Atlanta

Season Two

FX Atlanta

Returning for another season, FX brings back critically acclaimed Atlanta. Donald Glover and the show’s creatives agree that in naming the series Robbin’ Season, they were able to create a show that they want to watch rather than creating a “second season” to beat out the first. Stretching across the brick exterior of a building in Little 5 Points, the hand painted portraits of the comedy-drama’s four main characters hold deep eye contact with the audience passing by. Director and writer Donald Glover stand tall beside actors Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stadfield, and Zazie Beetz in the Bohemian center of the south to show the melting pot of sub-cultures that they will be returning for a second round of comedically blunt drama. After renewing the brilliant television series, FX started airing the new season on March 1,2018. If you missed the premiere don’t you worry, all of the latest episodes are online ready for the binge.