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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

This holiday season, Gap strived to stand out against the red and green competition with a more meaningful message, “Share Your Gift”. As opposed to focusing on giving and receiving, Gap chose to highlight the little gifts we can give every day. 


“Share your gift, is meant to inspire and realize that the holidays are not about material objects, but love, kindness, and optimism.”

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1 Wall

New York City


Gold Leaf
Content Creation

Display Date

December 2016

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WIP  Overall Murals Media Kit_edited.png
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The use of gold applique on top of the large murals, further enhanced the sentiments of sharing, while also elevating the hand painted medium to a whole new level. The gold leaf was meticulously placed by hand to make the large GAP lettering on four of the ten panels shiny and bright; even visible at night from the Williamsburg Bridge.


When applying gold leaf, typically installed indoors, the wind is always a factor. In the breezy winter air, gold specks flew above Overall Murals’ painter's heads and stuck to the wet paint, simulating glittery snowfall. 

Starting out as simple sketches on the walls, the photorealistic portraits quickly unfolded through the hands of the team’s most skilled artists. The bold GAP imagery and models’ joyous expressions jump from soft-colored backgrounds. The two murals were executed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to capture the attention of fashionable and fun passerbys who inhabit and visit the area. 

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg