Glossier Lidstar




Adding some color to the streets of Venice, this soft-hued mural achieved the goal of making “L.A. Glossier“. With the launch of the brand’s newest product, Lidstarour hand painted wall was the perfect way to get the word out to makeup lovers in Venice. To further attract eyes, not only were creamy pastel colors painted on the wall, but the effect was accompanied by an additional layer of Overall Murals handmade glitter paint. Pretested in the paint shop to achieve the best results for every Lidstar shade, the paint crew collaborated with Glossier’s creative team to achieve the perfect balance for shine.

With the goal of creating an impact on social media, Glossier targeted this campaign to users of the Kirakira app. As if the wall weren’t eye-catching enough, the app allows the phone user to create a sparkling effect in images and videos. By adding this shimmer directly to the wall, there was no overlooking Glossier’s latest makeup hit.