Glossier – Play




We love to paint Glossier, and this time we got to paint two large walls! This campaign, with side-by-side painted walls playing off each other, dominated over the corner of Lafayette & Canal Streets in Soho, adjacent to to the Glossier Showroom.

The popular brand had been teasing followers on social media about their new line Play, as onlookers on the street below could gaze upward in wonder of just what it was hinting about. The building suspense intensified with these murals as fans pondered what exciting surprises awaited consumers earlier this year. Devotees of Glossier rejoiced when the beauty brand unveiled Play.  Its debut was scheduled just after the paint dried on the murals of a photorealistic extreme close up on green and gold sequins and the suggestive Play in our favorite color: glitter. Watch the video of our intrepid walldogs, in the thick of it and behind the scenes of these glimmering murals, which were both completed simultaneously in less than a week.