Golden Road Brewery



Golden Road

In 2011 beer enthusiasts rejoiced as a new craft beer destination, Golden Road Brewery opened in Los Angeles, California. Its quick rise to fame pursued an aquisition of the micro-brewery by Anheuser-Busch and with that, a new marketing campaign ensued.

Over the summer, Overall Murals hand painted the vibrant colors of Golden Road’s signature cans on a wall in the epicenter of Venice Beach, California, which is Windward Ave. near the gates of the boardwalk. The team brought to life the brewery’s most popular flavor, Wolf Pup IPA, via oil paint emulating a half tone effect. Such art work is digitally created and usually helps give flat images or prints depth and texture. As an outdoor mural, the art work naturally becomes rich with detail. Hand rendering tiny perfect dots through paint proved challenging (we know because we’ve painted the silkscreen look before). However, at eye level, passersby were able to analyze these nuances and were impressed by the amount of work that went into the colorful mural. The painstaking detail it required was well worth it.