Heineken Cities




Heineken, the beer that’s enjoyed in the most cities around the world, has helped build support for innovative urban projects through its “Cities” campaign, which aims to make great cities even greater. Now, Heineken is asking the public to submit their own creative projects that would make a positive and lasting impact on iconic U.S. cities – awarding each winning project with a $20,000 prize and a high-profile crowdfunding campaign to help make them a reality.

Heineken’s Cities campaign aims to replace harsh subway turnstile sounds with melodic sounds, and Leo Villareal’s The Bay Lights, which features thousands of LED lights illuminating the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Now, Heineken has partnered with Indiegogo and Facebook and is asking the public to submit ideas that can span art, music, architecture and more — anything that can make a major impact on culture or the overall enjoyment of some of the best cities in America.