Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick's Gin


Blending into the building’s architecture, yet still standing out, we brought Hendrick’s Gin‘s unusual 3-D art concept to realization.

Before the paint even hits the wall, most of our hand painted murals require quite a bit of preparation, however, being that 90% of this particular mural wasn’t actually being painted on the wall, much of it needed to be done in-house and carefully planned out from the first to final step of execution. In order to withstand a harsh East Coast winter, the pieces had to be resilient to the elements. Each piece was hand cut and painted in our shop, then brought to Philadelphia for installation.

Hendrick’s distinct and whimsical imagery is rich in detail, collaged with odd sights and the very ingredients of which the gin is infused with – rose petals and cucumbers. The deep red roses and starry grey background were painted directly onto the wall, while all the wooden objects, including a cocktail glass, butterflies, winged man in coattails, a tiny man riding a tortoise atop a mushroom, cucumber slices and the statement, “It’s not for everyone”, pop out from the facade upon five floating planes. The illustrations’ structural tiers can be viewed more sculptural than as the typical flat painting, and as so, it invited many curious onlookers and admirers from a city known for its ubiquitous murals.