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Cruelty Free Makeup

Whoever said “beauty is pain” never tried Hourglass Cosmetics. Since its founding, Hourglass has committed to cruelty-free beauty products; now they’re taking this commitment a step further by pledging to become the first luxury makeup brand to offer fully vegan beauty products by 2020. This beauty revolutionary also promised 1% of all profits to their partner organization the Nonhuman Rights Project, the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals.

As fellow animal lovers, Overall was honored to be chosen to paint a mural for the brand’s new “eye-to-eye,” luxury cosmetic initiative. We headed out to the sunny shores of Venice Beach to paint the side-by-side portraits of four human models alongside horse models. The long eyelashes of the equine models graze the cheeks of their human counterpoint. The painters perfectly matched the tones in the horses’ coats with those in their counterparts’ skin and facial features. The parallels are undeniable to anyone who cast eyes on the painting. As this mural began to take shape, strollers on the Venice Boardwalk stopped to take photos of the mural in awe of the prodigious skill it takes to create these ultra lifelike images. We relish painting photorealistic murals and what better way to capture humanity than hand paint? The bi-species series spotlights the similarities between species show that we’re not as different from animals as we may have initially thought.

Hourglass Cosmetics reminds us that animals are living beings like us, capable of feeling emotions and fear. If you care for animals as much as you care about what products go on your face, join the movement.