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Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA







Intel Evo Laptop.

Take your laptop on the go with Intel Evo’s performance-driven laptop that can go anywhere you are.

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What we do



Dayne Henry
Nigel Sussman
Jessica Goldsmith

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Intel Evo

Display Date

October 2022

In-House Design
Primo Package Video Production

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

Intel understands that there’s a significant shift towards hybrid work. As people pivot into their new on-the-go lifestyles, there's a demand for a laptop that supports their needs and Intel wants to target those individuals. 


But, they couldn’t do this alone. Intel approached OM Art Studio with the task of designing and painting three murals located in three major cities, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. 


Their request - a mural design that makes passersby associate the brand as the ultimate laptop experience that has all the qualities: thin and lightweight, wifi 6e/connectivity, and long-lasting battery life to support the mobile/on-the-go experience. 

At OM Art Studio, we take pride in our network of artists whom we work with closely to identify a client's pain points and achieve a design that communicates their messaging in a beautiful and unique way.


There was no doubt that chosen artists Jessica Goldsmith, Dayne Henry Jr., and Nigel Sussman could translate Intel’s messaging into the perfect design. Not only is each artist living in and inspired by the city in which the final mural will be painted, but they too are a part of the target audience for Intel Evo’s brand messaging. 

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Jessica Goldsmith is an award-winning illustrator, lettering artist, and art director based out of Brooklyn. Her work focuses on story-telling through eye-catching designs and amplified lettering. She is a mobile go-getter who finds herself designing on the go. Whether working in her apartment, a coffee shop, or in the park she successfully produced designs, from anywhere that translated to her lifestyle. 

The final murals can be found in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a neighborhood notorious for its street art as well as artisanal coffee shops, vintage shopping, a few pocket parks, and quirky bars. This area is the perfect spot for Intel Evo with the neighborhood's overflowing population of young adults who live here and are freelancing or working remotely. In fact, the Bushwick Daily shares the top eight cafes for remote workers to enjoy, and all are within minutes of this wallscape.

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On the West Coast, Nigel Sussman, a San Francisco illustrator, is known for his complex isometric and fantasy-like designs creating the perfect mural to display the Intel Evo benefits to the San Francisco community. The design clearly portrays the on-the-go laptop as it moves throughout the city - From Transamerica Pyramid, City Hall, Ferry Building, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge Laptop this laptop can go Everywhere you look, everywhere you go as one navigates through San Francisco. 

The brightly colored mural, showcasing Intel’s light blue signature color, was hand painted by our paint crew on our large brick facade located close to Union Square. The design catches the eyes of young professionals as they head to their offices. Whether they are commuting by bike or trolley, running around between meetings, or catching a quick bite before heading back into their office, this mural will speak to this neighborhood's fast-paced lifestyle and assure those hustling to and fro that there's a laptop to support their every move. 

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Last but not least Dayne Henry Jr., a graphic and comic book artist based out of Southern California,  illustrated a larger-than-life and eye-catching piece that speaks to evolved laptop users. And by evolved, we mean an out-of-this-world design that showcases the laptop in another dimension. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles this high-impact wallscape is hard to miss. This neighborhood thrives with the next generation of celebrity influencers who enjoy rooftop poolside photoshoots and swanky condos. They love the latest and greatest technology and will enjoy this mural as it displays the Intel Evo laptop in all its high-tech futuristic glory. 

Coast to coast, we can all agree there's a new way of working today, and Intel Evo wants to be at the front and center to support your every need. We’re happy to help spread the message through hand paint with artwork that gives life to a brand's point of view. 

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But wait, we didn’t stop there! Our in-house content creation team took the messaging one step further with a Primo Video Package featuring our three artists and the final murals’ production process. The video touches on each artist, the location they reside in, their design process, and the impact of working on the go with the Intel Evo laptop. The video takes the mural one step further by bringing it to life showcasing the process and the mind behind each design. 

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