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Smooth Shopping

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

SoHo, Manhattan, NY

To introduce the new shopping app to the popular Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, Overall Murals went big, hand painting 3 walls, totaling over 1,700 sq ft at the high-traffic intersection of Kent Ave. and Grand St.

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What we do



3 Walls

New York City

Atomic Props

Planned Build Out Execution
Timelapse Plus Video

Display Date

April 2017

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Specifically targeting dog lovers for the 2019 holiday season, the mural space also featured an interactive wall with over 900 chewable dog toys. The mural also included a QR code to bring consumers straight to the best holiday deals for their four-legged furry friends, curated by The Dogist. 

This large pink mural is full of dog art designed by Christopher DeLorenzo. The mural drew in New Yorkers and tourists alike such as famed vlogger Zoe Sugg,  who featured our creation in a recent video.

Our team also got to show off their incredible eye for detail with a colorful mural featuring the adorable pup Pooch of NYC.

Who's a good shopper? You are with the Klarna app.

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