Lawrence Weiner Boston Greenway



Lawrence Weiner

During the final stages of summer, the Overall Murals team revisited the Rose Kennedy Greenway wall, in downtown Boston’s Dewey Square. This time, the 80 foot wall would showcase the artwork of celebrated conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner. A Bronx native, Weiner served as a key figure in the conceptual art movement amid the 1960’s. The majority of his works include typographic texts.

This recent piece decorating the towering park structure reads “A Translation From One Language to Another.” It is starkly juxtaposed with a deep orange-red against a piercing electric blue. The process took an exact four days to carry out; in time for the artist unveiling that occurred later that week.

Boston residents have mentioned that this installation differs much from its predecessors. Its minimal, unfinished aesthetic is meant to invite onlookers to engage with it. Weiner hopes that it would evoke deep thought within its viewers, “You can’t tell them what to think or how to think… or you’re not supposed to.”

The mural received a favorable review published by the Artery, Boston’s NPR branch. As well as a feature of the hand painting process was documented by the Boston Globe, which can be viewed below: