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This fall we had the honor of bringing the mystical land of Catalonia to New York City. We debuted the first stateside, out-of-home campaign campaign for Travel CatalunyaPromoting travel to the eclectic Spanish region, the client opted for a multi-wall campaign in New York City, including on our favorite set of walls along the Williamsburg waterfront. However, we couldn’t contain the magic to one borough so we painted a second wall in the ever popular SoHo.

The murals whisk passersby to a surreal and mysterious world, which highlight the Legends of Catalonia, the premise for the campaign. Sergio Mora, also known as MAGICOMORA, is a well respected Barcelona based artist whose work is recognized worldwide. His signature kaleidoscopic illustrations were executed throughout minute details within the three murals. In Williamsburg, the artwork stretches about 100 feet wide on a street level wall that is accompanied by another unit above it, overlooking the East River. The intricate details can be related to a “Where’s Waldo” hunt for the famous references throughout the artwork, including a devious Salvador Dali, Picasso painting a self portrait and a dragon equipped with a sword and all.

Using lush colors and whimsical elements taken from Spanish culture, the resulting tableau entices passersby into adventures awaiting them in beautiful Catalunya. Additionally, viewers could take their experience a step further by utilizing a QR code and corresponding augmented reality app, where the viewer can transport themself from anywhere in the world to a magical legendary land. Remarkably, the murals resulted in over 20,000 downloads of the Legends of Catalonia game.