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Lexus IS

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Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

In November, Moxi Events sought us out to spearhead a project to announce the launch of Lexus’ new luxury vehicle, the 2021 Lexus IS. Lexus was looking to break away from traditional automobile campaigns and tap into a new demographic of millennials. And what better way to announce a “thrilling” new campaign than on a 1300 square ft hand painted mural in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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What we do



Queen Andrea

New York City 


In-House Design 

Display Date

November-December 2020

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WIP  Overall Murals Media Kit_edited.png
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Beyond the wall

Artwork extended beyond the wall into car wraps, posters, and postcards to show at dealership showrooms.



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Lexus was interested in supporting a local artist that would capture the spirit of their new modern design. So, we tapped into our rolodex of quality artists and asked the queen of graffiti, Queen Andrea, to brainstorm on the project.


Why Queen Andrea?


As a native New Yorker influenced by her environment and raised by artists, Andrea has left her mark (literally) and continues to do so through her use of color, graffiti, graphic design, and typography. Her overall energy toward the project made her a perfect collaborator for the Lexus IS campaign. 


 Queen Andrea 

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         Working with Overall Murals was a breeze. For the scale and the high-end level of work that they do. I was surprised to discover how easy they are to work with. They are friendly, awesome, and efficient. I had a great time!


The result?


Lexus received a high-end street art mural that grabbed the attention of passersby (835,680 to be exact) and as an added bonus, a QR code was drawn onto the side of the mural. 

The QR code is a great tool, especially during the pandemic as it provides viewers with a seamless experience to engage with the brand. In fact, a recent survey done by Beacon Technology found, “18.8% of users in the US and the UK strongly agreed that there was a visible increase in QR code usage {…}.“  Adweek also notes, “41% of consumers are willing to scan QR codes for contactless purchase.” 

As a result, Lexus’s use of QR codes was a perfect approach to lead every Williamsburg millennial, already attached to their phone, to the Lexus IS page —  ‘cause hey, what millennial isn’t attached to their phone?

Check out the hand painted graffiti signs and let us know what drives you!

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