Lululemon 20th



20th Anniversary

Milestones are a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to paint positive messages into our communities? 2018 marked the 20 year anniversary for Toronto based athletic clothing retailer Lululemon. Their company’s mission to empower people by providing quality fitness clothing has grown a single yoga shop into a multinational brand beloved by men and women everywhere.

To commemorate this special occasion, Lululemon tapped Overall Murals to paint two incredible murals on opposite ends of the U.S. One of the murals was painted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on our wall next to the East River. Designed by lauded artist Shawna X, the mural combines her signature style of bold colors and a silhouetted figure. This mural celebrates the female form with a positive message from Lululemon, the brand believes everyone should make the mind-body connection by sweating once a day. People who share the Lululemon’s conviction can join their online global community #thesweatlife

We painted the second mural in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The design from acclaimed artist Sophia Chang spreads the simple sunny message of Love. This mural is true to Ms. Chang’s style of blending many small graphics around a larger centralized image adding depth to the greater message. In this case, the message shows the many ways that Lululemon has enchanted its customers into falling in love with themselves.