Lululemon #TheAirOutThere




The Air Out There is a movement spearheaded by notable yoga wear brand, Lululemon. The advertising effectively forces customers to ask themselves… Where do you go to feel alive? and as stated on the murals OM painted, Where do you go to let go? Lululemon is best known for creating the wear activewear anywhere and everywhere trend. However, Lululemon is now taking their brand in a different direction, more focused on self improvement.

Do you go for a hike in mountains? Do you escape during a morning run or while staring up at the stars? Whatever it may be, Lulu wants us to find a connection to nature and embrace it. #TheAirOutThere has caused thousands of wonderings to embark on new adventures and find the richness of the great outdoors.

Nationwide, Lululemon stores incorporate some sort of sign painting or mural into their interior design. A hand painted mural campaign made sense for the brand’s foray into out of home advertising. Overall Murals painted two murals of varying scenic landscapes in Cow Hollow, San Francisco and in the famous Venice, California. Each location was selected as a way to capture the attention of out-and-about, active people. A time-lapse of the painting in action in San Francisco was posted to Lululemon’s Instagram, generating much fan love and praise.