Mailchimp Did you say Mailchimp?



Did you say Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. In their latest major advertising campaign, Did you say Mailchimp?, they managed to intrigue curiosity and confuse the masses, with unconventional marketing techniques. Although, those who know and use Mailchimp can pronounce the name with ease, the new campaign played off of consumers’ mispronunciation. In partnership with Droga5, Mailchimp launched a series of strange competitions, websites, songs, trends and products over the course of a few months.

The campaign covered areas in food, beauty, film, fashion and music. Mailchimp representatives say they knew people would be intrigued by what they were seeing and would search for answers online. Each theme (somewhat) rhymes with Mailchimp, including three short videos the company created: Kalelimp, JailBlimp, MailShrimp. They also created a bag of pre-crushed potato chips, FailChips, as well as a new beauty routine for the daring, SnailPrimp.

Overall Murals brought this colorful movement to San Francisco via a hand painted mural over the popular restaurant, Mel’s Diner. Each character on the sign is a depiction of Mailchimp’s unorthodox marketing tactics.

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