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Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark

Character Isn't Made By Machine

Maker’s Mark’s philosophy is Character can’t be made by machine and we couldn’t agree more. It takes skilled people to create something with spirit. That’s why we were thrilled to join forces with them to create four hand-painted murals in San Francisco, just in time for the holidays.

Just like the iconic Maker’s Mark bottles, which are hand-dipped into wax, our murals are made with brushes that are hand-dipped into paint. We hand mixed and hand painted every inch of these four murals using the same care and attention to detail that Maker’s pours into every bottle. Maker’s Mark rotates every barrel by hand and ages their bourbon to taste, similarly painting these gorgeous murals takes a skilled hand, trusting that the labor our painters put into the process will yield something with character, not just precision.

We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to the power of skilled people over machines. Cheers!