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Mountain Dew

Dew Tour

The Dew Tour is an extreme sports event set during the pique of summer, packed to the gills with new, unencumbered athletic talent. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this past September amid the two-day Toyota Championship; The Dew Tour took to the streets of Brooklyn, New York for the first time ever. The street-style BMX/Skate competition heated up outside the popular House of Vans venue, complementing the urban backdrop of Greenpoint. Mountain Dew Tour enlisted Overall Murals to further enhance the scene.

Eager competitors and steady spectators crowded along Franklin Street, in front of our hand-painted piece. The accomplished artists were able to successfully enlarge the Mountain Dew Tour’s campaign ad, entirely out of quality oil paint mediums. Distinct gradation and subtle highlights were executed using a crosshatching technique. Mountain Dew’s trademark yellow-green hue pops against the soft black and grays. The OM team managed to capture the vibrancy and vigor of 25-year old professional skateboarder, Sean Malto, who set the foundation for his budding career at the tender age of 10.

Our composition added to the energy and becomes a part of the intensity, which is what this competition is all about.