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Naked Juice

Kale Blazer

Although nearly halfway through the year, we are willing to boldly claim that Kale has reclaimed the crown as 2016’s healthy superfood. Hitting pique popularity in 2015, celebrities and the masses alike, have embraced the kale trend. With the juicing fad on the upswing as well, organic juice presses have released variations of the drink, with big brands following suit. The healthy juice giant, Naked Juice debuted their spin on the popular concoction, Kale Blazer. Any fan of Naked’s previous blends wouldn’t be surprised to find a helping of apples and oranges in this “green” drink; which is comprised mostly of kale and spinach. As well as being received as one of the best tasting kale beverages available, Kale Blazer also offers a decent daily dose of nutrients. Naked’s presence, in what seems like every deli, bodega and Whole Foods across the country, have propelled the packaged brand and the healthy juice trend into mainstream popularity.

During the final moments of winter, the Overall Murals team set up in the East Village, a stone’s throw away from famous off-broadway venue, Theatre 80. Against the grey, frozen backdrop of 1st Avenue, the bright green pops, warranting approving glances from passersby. For years, Naked Juices have served as the gateway beverage for juice beginners, especially for those shaking off the fear associated with trying an all-vegetable drink for the first time. “It looks weird, will it taste good?” Well, if “10 out 10 kales love the taste of Kale Blazer,” that sounds like a guarantee you can’t ignore.