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Orange is The New Black

The critically acclaimed Netflix series, Orange is the New Black is returning this June for season 5. SPOILER ALERT… Last season left fans in a frenzy with the death of a favorite character, Poussey, played by Samira Wiley. Poussey’s death at the hands of a prison guard evoked a riot in the season 4 finale, leaving avid watchers anxiously awaiting what happens next.

As a tribute to the popular character, OITNB collaborated with several local artists to create murals around the world. Creative agency, Klughaus chose each artist, who connected with the character in unique ways and strived to portray the serious messages through art. The phrase #StandUp can be found in each piece. Overall Murals executed two of the murals, one in Brooklyn (MAST), and the other in Venice (Tewsr).

Anthony Mast, better known as MAST, is a famous NYC based graffiti artist who started making a name for himself in the 90’s. The merging of bold, aggressive text with colorful characters made MAST the perfect candidate to design the mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The portrait stretches 24′ high from the ground to the rooftop of notable Brooklyn bar, Northern Territory.

The second mural that Overall Murals executed was in collaboration with Mike Tewsr. Inspired by the acronym, Truth Exists Within Self Realization, Tewsr’s mural of Poussey can be found in Venice, California. The intricate details make this artwork incredibly unique and visually stimulating.