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New Belgium

New Belgium

Dank AF

The innovators at New Belgium Brewing Company are breaking the convention of beers with their new Hemperor HPA. It’s is a new kind of IPA that features hemp hearts along with hops that swirls together complexities of flavors that only new strains can bring. This groundbreaking brew is a full sensory experience, it’s hemp-heavy aroma can fill a room but it washes down smooth. Although it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, it does serve up a whopping 7% ABV.

Naturally, we were hopped-up to paint a mural for this extra special tasty brew on the ultra visible wall at North 14th Street and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A beer as remarkable as this needed it’s own special mascot, enter The Hemperor, a stately hirsute nobleman whose benevolence is only too obvious, just check out that crown! No tyrant could pull off a look like that. Every biker, runner, or driver making their way along the Brooklyn waterfront can see the Hemperor himself standing majestically, as the mural itself proclaims to all who behold it, this beer is Dank AF.