Oatly Barista Edition



Barista Edition

The latest trend in milk is here and it’s not just your typical 2%. Oatly is the first brand to create a milk made from… you guessed it, oats. OM created murals, coast-to-coast, in four separate markets for the new-to-the-States non-dairy beverage. The worldwide, twenty-five year old Swedish sensation hit the west coast on walls found above the busy streets of San Francisco’s 101 and quirky Venice. Off to the east coast in coffee-shop-filled Gowanus, Brooklyn, and historic Philly these bold black and white murals stood out.

The vegan plant-based oat-milk shows off its nifty and informative carton by pairing it with blatant advertising statements to tell their new audience about the new coffee pairing. Cleverly marketing near your favorite cafe, the Barista Edition encourages America to liberate coffee and tea with a twist. The messages ditched fancy creative bells and whistles for in-your-face too-cool-for-school copy like “Maybe a social media celebrity will take a photo of this ad and you will see it on Instagram and like it way more than you do right now”, which as long as that sentence is, it truly caught people’s attention.